about micah Bruce

I have been working professionally with guitars since 2008 (and with wood since 2004), repairing instruments and building new.  I have worked for companies like Dietze Music, Bill Collings, John Allison, and Moniker Guitars. After 8 years in Austin, TX, my wife, two daughters, and I recently moved back to Omaha, NE. We are happy to be home, where we are close to family and can put down roots.

Crafting a heritage at Bruce & Sons, I strive to do the kind of work that will inspire future generations. We are sons and daughters of those who have gone before us. As a son, I continue a legacy, leaving my fingerprints on what I am passionate about, within the rich history that accompanies luthiery.

My experience

  • 2014-2017 head of production, Moniker Guitars, Austin, TX

  • 2011-2014 guitar repair technician and luthier, John Allison, Austin, TX

  • 2010-2012 guitar, mandolin, and ukulele luthier , Bill Collings, Austin, TX

  • 2008-2009 guitar & violin repair technician, Dietze Music, Omaha, NE

  • 2004-2009 cabinetry & trim carpentry, Omaha, NE

My style and philosophy

I love many styles and types of instruments, but instruments from the 20’s and 30’s are my favorites.  I especially love smaller bodied guitars and ukuleles, but I also have an affinity for larger bodied loud bluegrass “banjo-killers.”

My luthiery philosophy is always evolving, but I will probably never veer too far from classic shapes and styles.

There is great value in honoring traditional materials and methods, though not for tradition’s sake alone. For instance, all of my instruments employ hide glue construction and are finished with shellac, varnish, or nitrocellulose lacquer, but I also use truss rods in my necks, and I do not always incorporate traditional dovetail neck joints.  I’ve done a lot of dovetail neck resets, and while there are pretty reliable methods for safe neck removal, they are still intrinsically destructive. I prefer a modified mortise-and-tenon neck joint on flat top guitars because it lends itself to safer future adjustments and repairs. I also feel that the tonal quality of a well executed modern neck joint is at least as good as a dovetail joint. Some old materials are superior to new materials, while some old methods are obsolete.

My Shop Just outside Omaha, NE

I recently moved to a new shop located at 301 Washington Street, Bellevue, NE.  Our space feels secluded along the edge of Fontenelle Forest, yet it’s only a 20-minute drive from downtown Omaha! You can drop off or pick up instruments there, or just stop in to check things out. (Give me a call first to make sure I’m on site!)